Thursday, September 29, 2011

***UPDATED******Caffiene and Octane Sunday October 2nd 7AM at Northview High School

It is that time again ladies and gentleman.  Caffiene and Octane, the best car show in Atlanta is back.  It is this Sunday at 7AM at Northview High School.  This Sunday will be interesting because it coincides with Petit Lemans.  So several enthusiast that normally come out may not be in attendance but the show should still do well, so come on out, behave yourselves and enjoy.

Here are some photos from Caffiene and Octane via Facebook for October's show
Caffiene and Octane Photos Website

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  1. "Car Church" was great as usual this morning. The Lambos were there this month and they were the show stealers for sure. There were 5 of them this month and several Ferraris. Lots or Porsches, a couple of old school Lotus Esprit's, a Pantera, an Aston Martin, and that Hemi Cuda convertible. Everyone is trying to figure out if it's a 1971. If it is, it is worth $1,000,000+. Great show.