Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bahama Breeze Meet - Sunday July 13, 12 noon - 4PM

Folks come on out to Bahama Breeze on Sunday July 13th and hangout with ATLBIMMERS, GABIMMERS, A-Town M Club, M-Atlanta and the Peachtree Chapter of BMW CCA.  We are all coming together just to talk cars, have some drinks and enjoy the beautiful day.   Please come on out. Eating and/or drinking is not required.  If you want to come and just hang out feel free to do so.  We will be at the Bahama Breeze in Duluth at 3590 Breckinridge Blvd.

See you there!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014



Just a few quick updates.  I'm sorry about the lack of post in the past few months.  I'm going to try to do better about this.   Meet season has started and we had another meet at Gordon Biersch in Buckhead.  We did a quick cruise afterward and it was a lot of fun.  Turnout was kind of small but it worked out ok.   It was on a beautiful Sunday and we got all the events in just before it rained.  As you all know Facebook has been where most of the members are.  We have two pages.  A closed group and a community page.  I'm actually thinking about taking the group to a secret status.   I feel like the group has grown too large and we have lost the closeness we once had when we started.  I realize that a lot of members no longer own BMW's but we do have some new blood that have come in. We just need more enthusiasm.   Some of the newer members bring different dynamics to the group some good, some bad, some in between.  Things have been rocky at times with this new growth but we are going to right the ship. 

Now that I got that out of the way here are the updates:

The Varsity is going strong every Tuesday at 8PM as long as the weather holds up.

There is a monthly meet at the Consignment Shed on Thursday May 15th at 7:30PM.  All ATLBIMMERS members have been invited.  Should be a decent turnout.

Stickers are here. No waiting around, no pre-orders, they are ready to go. They measure 8"x1.25".
Paypal and they will be mailed to you.
Please send payment as "payment for goods" and not as a gift. That way paypal gets their fees and doesn't slap my hand, also that way will also include your shipping address. (They remove it if payment sent as a gift)
1 for $4.99
2 for $7.99
3 for $9.99
Price includes shipping.

Shirts can be ordered via Zazzle.  We have Black and white T's, Polo's, Hoodies and more.

ATL Logo - White Text T Shirts

Monday, February 24, 2014


For those of you looking for a reason to mod your car, here is the perfect opportunity.  ATLBIMMERS have partnered up with MODBARGAINS.COM to offer members some great tax time deals.  Check out the flyer and I will also post a link to the flyer online.  You must call in to take advantage of these deals.  Go ahead and get them before they are gone!  Here is the message from our Salesperson Frank Kim:


Darcy Campbell and I have been working together to create an exclusive tax return sale for the ATL BIMMERS members.

I did my best to cater to what you guys wanted to see on the sale.

If you have any questions, feel free to msg me on Facebook, email me at, or call me directly at 714 582 3330 ext 8003.

Happy Modding,


Solomotorsports Grand Reopening

Congratulations to  Tony and Boris of our sponsor Solomotorsports for their very successful grand reopening.  They have a new shop on Jimmy Carter Blvd in Norcross GA.  Lots of folks came out in BMW's, VW's Audi's and more.  I wish them much more continued success as they keep providing great service to our members.  Here are the photos from the Grand Reopening!


Bimmers Beer and Football Meet Photos

Hey everyone. Sorry about the delay.  I have been super busy this year with my new job and I just haven't had a ton of time to post stuff.  But I'm back and trying to update you on the latest events.  So I'm going to keep this sweet and simple.  Here are the pics from the Bimmers, Beer and Football meet at Gordon Biersch in Buckhead.  It was a pretty decent turnout and we had a ton of fun on the cruise we did.  We cruised from through Buckhead to I-75 to I-285 back to GA400 and back to Gordon Biersch.   It was a lot of fun.  Don't miss the next one!

Here is a link to all the photos!