Sunday, January 19, 2014


Hey everyone. I know you guys and gals have been itching for an official ATLBIMMERS meet. Well here it is. I've also invited A-Town M Club and M-Atlanta to attend.

We will meet at Gordon Biersch in Buckhead - 3242 Peachtree Rd. Atlanta, GA


Park in the Pier 1 Imports parking lot on the back row.

We will meet at 3PM and then do a cruise at around 3:45-4PM.

Then sit down for food and football at 5 so we can catch the end of the NE-DEN game and then the SEA-SF game.

*Eating is not required*  Feel free to leave after the meet or the cruise

I will have 5 free ATLBIMMERS stickers to giveaway and I will have some to sell at $3 bucks each.

See you there!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Hey Guys and Gals,

         I just wanted to give a statement for the group.  The new year is here and this will be the 3rd year the club has existed.  We have gone through a lot of ups and downs lately and 2013 was a strange year but a growing year for the group.  I'm hoping that 2014 brings positive changes and better things.  As you know this is the cold season and we normally don't have a lot of meets around this time.  However a lot of the Facebook members have been antsy about not meeting as of late so I will try to have a meet within the next coming weeks.  Also there is a new Forum called GABimmers aka BMWofnorthga that has just started recently.   Scott Eisner is running this forum and he will be hosting meets as well.  He has a meet coming up on the 25th of this month. The details will be posted in day or two and in the event section.

          Facebook has been a double edged sword.  It has allowed the group to grow but it has also presented unforeseen challenges that we are working through.  We currently have 755 members although some are a mix of M-Atlanta and A-Town M Club and we have lost a lot of members due to the negative effects of the Facebook growth. Also a couple of additional clubs have popped up from the negative growth.  I personally look at it as a good thing because it allows everyone to have a place and it gives us a larger infrastructure for the BMW clubs overall.

        This year I'd like to gain more sponsors and try to come up with more creative ideas for us to do.  Being that we are a free club there isn't much that I can offer considering that we don't have a club budget, however I will work with the board and my current sponsors to try to figure out new things for the group.

        If anyone is interested in stickers I have about 12-15 left and our sticker guy Jesus Leon has some left as well.  Feel free to contact me at for his contact information. You can also contact me for stickers and they are $3 each.

        I would also like to thank our board members and admins for helping to keep things under control on Facebook as well as helping me make tough decisions.  The Board Members are Nivedh Manohar, Brian Berman, Will Shabura and Myself.  The Facebook admins are Alex Funari, Emily Danger Fest, Doug Bryant, Will Shabura and Myself.

       I hope 2014 is a prosperous year for everyone and I thank each and every one of you for being a member.  ATLBIMMERS wouldn't be what it is without each of you.  Special Thanks to our sponsors Solomotorsports and Markert Motor Works for treating our members great as well as doing great work and special thanks to my good friend Dani over at Butler Tire for always being supportive from day 1 and also thanks to United Auto Brokers for hosting us in Oct.

Your Group President
Darcy Campbell