Monday, July 9, 2012

Atlanta Motorsports Park Tour Recap

Guys and Gals,

If you missed the AMP tour on Sunday you missed a doozie!  After driving 5 hours from Destin on Saturday night, I got up and forced myself to go to the AMP tour and I am so glad I did.  Bruce and Jeremy from AMP allowed us to do 5 parade laps around the track and then the offered us 20 minute HOT LAPS for a small fee!   I rode in Brian's e90 M3 and it was a beast.  We hit 108 and 110 a few times near the straight away.  I had my helmet on and this was my first time actually riding on a track at normal track speeds.   I must say I sort of caught the bug and I might have to get me a track car(WIFE will never let that happen!).   But we all had a blast and about 20 to 21 cars showed up, including a Mini Cooper.   If there is a next time don't miss out!  If you are interested in a membership with AMP contact Bruce at  I will post pics later this week.

Atlanta Motorsports Park

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