Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Timmayfest 2012 - Columbus Ohio June 8-10 2012


Timmayfest is a BMW/Mercedes Benz/Exotics car meet put together by true enthusiasts. It is not a car "show" and there is no entrance fee. It is just a gathering of people who share a passion for high performance driving machines.


Timmayfest really started out as a small BMW/Mercedes car meet of people who only knew each other by talking over online car forums such as M5board.com, Ohiobimmers.com, and MBworld.com. We decided it was finally time to get together and really meet the people behind the computer screen. We chose to hold it in Columbus, Ohio since it was a central location to those involved. I volunteered to organize it along with help from a few other local guys (thanks Marcus) and MAJOR support from Eurocharged (THANK YOU!). Jokingly, we named it "Timmayfest" after my screen name I use on the before mentioned forums, Timmay77, which against my better judgement, it has remaind. Well, the word spread that there was going to be a car meet in Ohio through other online forums, thus growing. We managed to put together 130 cars the first year (2010), and over 200 the second year (2011). We had cars attending from as far away as Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 2 years in a row!


2010 was basically just a car meet/dyno day on a Saturday which included Eurocharged's mobile dyno followed by a dinner that evening. In 2011, we added a "Drag Racing Night" on Friday night at a privately rented drag stip, had the meet on Saturday, then dinner on Saturday night. The decision was made to add the "Drag Racing Night" so people had the opportunity to SAFELY and LEGALLY have some fun in these amazing cars. We also had a lunch gathering before heading to the drag strip, caravan style. Eurocharged graciously picked up the tab for the drag strip rental. There was no charge to attend and watch the action, but those who wanted to run down the track paid a $50 fee for as many runs as they wanted. Saturday's meet started pretty early at 10am. We wanted to start earlier in 2011 so we could meet, hang out for a few hours, and finish up with the raffle drawing around 4pm. We then let people head back to their hotel to relax and freshen up before dinner at 7pm. (For 2012 we will be hiring a police escort to caravan us "parade style" from the Hilton Hotel to the restaurant.) After dinner, a large group of us headed back to the hotel to enjoy some social time in the hotel bar.
2012's planning is well under way!


June 8th and 9th 2012


Columbus, Ohio

For more information, go to http://www.timmayfest.com

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