Monday, December 5, 2011

Caffeine and Octane Dec 4. Revenge of the Aventador!

If you missed Caffeine and Octane you missed a treat.  It seems like I say this every month LOL!  Well this month the show was in a new location off of Windward Parkway which was about 2 exits up from the old location.  The new location was very nice and had a restaurant called Mambo Jambo Cafe that had a all you can eat breakfast buffet which was actually pretty good.  There were bathrooms available thanks to the restaurant and plenty of parking spaces.  The new location brought out some old faces.  The Ford Club came out with their Cobras, Eleanor(67 Mustang) and Ford GT 40's.  But the new face that arrived was the Lamborghini Aventador.   It was beautiful! This is the model that replaced the Murcielago.  Anyway It was quite impressive. Also the Fisker Karma came out once again and it was a crowd pleaser, but the Aventador was the show stealer.  It had a crowd around it the whole show.

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