Monday, November 7, 2011

UPDATED Caffiene and Octane from Sunday Nov 6, 2011

I almost didn't go to Caffiene and Octane this Sunday because I was tired from the night before, but that extra hour of sleep from the time change helped and I am so glad I went.  I was with my buddy B. and we both got the shock of our eyes when we saw that Lexus LFA pull up.  It was the show stealer of the first.  This particular row of vehicles had the Lamborghini Murcielago, the Mercedes SLR,  a Dodge Viper, a Nissan GTR and the Lexus LFA.  The sound from the LFA was sweet.  It was much different than the Lamborghini but still sounded so good.  But the surprise of the day was the Fiska Karma that pulled up.  The Fisker Karma is a plug-in hybrid that has an Gasoline generator that charges the batteries.  It was so beautiful.  It still looks so much like a concept car.  I also got a chance to meet several tuners.  The guys from Forged Performance were the guys that brought the LFA in.  They were really cool and told us all about that particular LFA.  I also met Sam Mahdavi who runs Mahdavi Motorsports.  He brought out a sweet BMW 850I.  I told him I want one myself and he's talking me out of the 840I and instead going for the 850I. I'm scared of the 850(maintenance wise) but I'm still considering it.   You guys missed it.  You better get up early and come out next time!  You never know what might show up.  I decided to add my phone camera pics until the Facebook pics get posted.  I only took a few shots but there are more shots below by Robert Downie on Facebook.

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