Monday, August 29, 2011

Caffiene and Octane

I had a chance to attend Caffeine and Octane for the first time on Sunday August 7, 2011.  I must admit that I was VERY VERY impressed with the type of cars that were there.  For a free, loosely organized meet, it has to be the best one I've seen.  My little 328i convertible pales in comparison to these rides. It makes me wish I had a dream ride.  But I will get one someday.  Anyway here are some photos. Special thanks to my wife for telling me about Caffeine and Octane.  She told me about one day when she saw it and said that she had never seen so many Lamborghini's and Ferrari's in one place.  I said to myself I had to see this!  The next one is scheduled for September 4th but they are still trying to obtain another venue.

For more information about Caffeine and Octane goto:

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